Terrace rooms with sea view…

The Deluxe Terrace Rooms are 20 m2., which has a seating group of the common terrace at the entrance of the room with a full sea view, is a reason for preference for family and friends group. Your evening conversations on the terrace can continue until the first light of the morning with the beauty of the weather and the scenery.

Room Amenities

Other Rooms

These are 25 m2 ground floor rooms. It is close to the beach. Deluxe rooms are ideal for guests who do not prefer stairs in their daily life with their balconies with sea and nature views, flat level that open right outside and practical structures.

Our rooms are 20 m2. Deluxe Terrace Room, which has a sitting group in the common terrace areas right in front of it with full sea view, is a reason for preference for family and friend groups due to this structure.

It is 25 m2. It has its own private balcony. In these rooms, which are designed for our guests who are fond of their autonomy and pleasure, when you wake up in your bed with a sea view in the blue, you will want time to stop accompanied by the sound of waves.