We collect our black olives from Bursa Gemlik during the winter months and process them as brine. We obtain our olive oil by squeezing the olives we collect from Ayvalık Burhaniye and Bodrum Mumcular in cold-pressed oil houses. 

Behind the success of Yalıkavak Local Restaurant is the knowledge and experience of our father, Recep Vurucular, who is the 3rd generation manager of a food wholesaler and dairy operator family. We collect our food products from the branch and present them to your table. 

We make our butter by kneading milk cream. We boil all our jams such as Bodrum Tangerine, eggplant, watermelon peel, pumpkin, carrot, strawberry and grape. We procure our meat from large and small cattle that we take care of from breeding to slaughter and manufacture our sausage and meatballs. In the morning, we take out our breads and pitas from our stone oven.