Beach Wedding Ceremony

For very special invitations and weddings in our beach restaurant in a detached bay, with a unique view, alone with nature, for a Bodrum beach wedding; We host with the smallest details considered. Click for detailed info.

Your adventure of happiness that will last a lifetime started with "Yes" ...

Such happy beginnings of course deserve to celebrate and be with your loved ones. And immediately, you raise your glasses with your loved ones and start imagining your most special day and your most special memories when you share your excitement.

We seem to hear you say, "The day we take the first step on this journey must be like a dream". Of course it should be; perfect, magnificent and unique! A perfect wedding organization just like you dreamed of…

If the sea, the beach and intimacy, the sound of the waves, the warm wind blowing from the sea are exactly what I'm looking for, a beach wedding will be the right choice for you.

And of course, Bodrum, which is indispensable for beach weddings, shows the only and the right address for you.

For an extraordinary wedding, Bodrum beach weddings are always special. 

Imagine yourself in a romantic ceremony away from clichés in Yalıkavak, one of Bodrum's most beautiful bays. Flying tulles, candles, the scent of the sea and much more ... 

Isn't a Yalikavak beach wedding a great idea for this charming atmosphere? We are ready for a perfect beach wedding that will surprise our tale hero couples with our different alternatives, are you?


1 km from Yalikavak City Center. 2 km from Yalıkavak Marina. Bodrum Center is 18 km. We are 55 km from Milas Bodrum Airport. You can come to Yalıkavak bus station with Yalıkavak minibuses from Bodrum bus station and reach our hotel 5 minutes after transferring to Kdür minibuses.

Our guests who prefer to come by air can easily reach Bodrum bus station by taking Muttaş shuttles from Milas airport. If you wish, we can provide you with a private transfer for a more practical transportation. You can easily reach Gümüşlük, Türkbükü and Bodrum regions by minibuses departing from Yalıkavak bus station.