Places Worth Seeing Bodrum & Yalikavak

Bodrum, as one of the 13 districts of Muğla province, is the most well-known holiday paradise. It amazes those who see it with no borders in entertainment, the development of the eating and drinking culture and the hospitality of the accommodation places. It offers unforgettable moments to its guests with its green nature, magnificent sea and stylish beaches. Bodrum is a tourism city that most deserves to be the host of a holiday you can't get enough of, from its bays, museums, castle to water sports.

Holiday Date in Bodrum

Bodrum is one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to holidays. Bodrum is known not only in Turkey but also in many countries around the world. It fascinates visitors with its historical texture, magnificent sea and nature. The magnificent city, which makes everyone want to come again, increases its winter population tens of times in summer. Bodrum is a place worth seeing, where there are many places to visit, food and entertainment culture is unlimited. It has breezes from Aegean and Mediterranean climates. In Bodrum, which is located on a peninsula with a micro-climate feature, there is no trace of humidity in summer. For this reason, it is a magnificent tourism resort that everyone thinks of as an escape point. Even in winter, the humidity rate is measured very low. Bodrum, where snowfall is almost not seen, is known for its warm weather and precipitation in winter.

Bodrum To Do List

Bodrum, which offers unforgettable moments to its guests, will occupy a large place on your to-do list. You should never forget to watch plays and attend concerts in the ancient theater, visit Zeki Müren Museum, and see Bodrum Castle. Cooling off in the unique waters of the Aegean Sea, water sports and boat trips are among the things to add to your list. You should get your share of Bitez ice cream and you should definitely explore the bays. Yalıkavak, the most dominating point of the sunset, is the right place to be at sunset in order to witness the insatiable moments. Things to do in Bodrum are endless. It is best that you see with your own eyes and decide which one to give the first place. Everything is thought for your comfort in all accommodation places. It is reported that acts that will disrupt the comfort and peace of domestic and foreign tourists with the extraordinary effort of the mayor will not be forgiven.

Is there a Bodrum Holiday Time?

Bodrum is a town that needs to be visited in all four seasons and to discover the unique features of each season. But for those who want calmness and peace, the months of May and September are recommended. When making a holiday program, you can take advantage of early reservation advantages and accommodation options. Bodrum hotels, where you can stay safely, have made all their preparations according to the pandemic conditions. They maintain hygiene and disinfectant issues without interruption and care about the health of their guests. While making your Bodrum holiday plans, you should do preliminary research and choose safe places and experience an insatiable holiday. With its historical and touristic texture, Bodrum definitely calls for an invitation to its guests.


1 km from Yalikavak City Center. 2 km from Yalıkavak Marina. Bodrum Center is 18 km. We are 55 km from Milas Bodrum Airport. You can come to Yalıkavak bus station with Yalıkavak minibuses from Bodrum bus station and reach our hotel 5 minutes after transferring to Kdür minibuses.

Our guests who prefer to come by air can easily reach Bodrum bus station by taking Muttaş shuttles from Milas airport. If you wish, we can provide you with a private transfer for a more practical transportation. You can easily reach Gümüşlük, Türkbükü and Bodrum regions by minibuses departing from Yalıkavak bus station.